Your window to dispersion analysis & material testing

SEPView® is a comprehensive database driven software solution that is used in device-specific versions with different capabilities tailor-made for the requirements of our different analysers.

Whether you want to perform particle size measurements, stability analysis, determine creaming or sedimentation rates, predict shelf-life, examine flocculation and sedimentation consolidation, determine the degree of magnetization of your dispersed particles, or accurately calculate the particle density: with the help of SEPView you can do all this and more.

SEPView controls the instrument and provides functions for data management, visualisation, analysis and result documentation.

All information (calibration data, programmed measurement methods, comments, transmission profiles, settings etc) is stored in one database, no file management required.

Fast access to validation and measurement results and sample information is guaranteed. Comparison of sample data from different measurements is easily achieved.


Different program components are provided for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the samples, e.g.

- for the clarification
- the Integral Transmission
- for settling, creaming & consolidation
- the Front Tracking
- the PSA-Module for the calculation of the particle size distribution.

The included animation tool displays the recorded measurement data with programmable playback parameters for easy recognition & identification of complex separation phenomena. Standard database functions like import & export of measurements and results, filtration of database content by various criteria, user and database administration are supported by SEPView.

The program supports different languages and different systems of units. The modular and object oriented design of the software provides easy extension and customizing opportunities on customer's request, i.e. for special R&D or QC tasks. SEPView complies to CFR 21 Part 11 for special R&D or QC tasks.

15 December 2021: LUM devices not affected by CVE-2021-44228 - referred to as Log4Shell

Currently a security vulnerability in the widely spread Java component log4j is investigated and mitigated by various vendors. Today, we would like to inform you that LUM devices as well as all versions of the Software SEPView do not use that component nor Java technology. Therefore they are not affected by this vulnerability. You might want to carefully check workstations and server under your administration, running SEPView, for independently installed services and applications regarding the issue.



  • Windows-based with Ribbon User Interface
  • plug and play, pack and go
  • Simultaneous instability index analysis for up to 12 samples in real-time
  • Individual user customization
  • Full SOP concept (creation, capture, data analysis)
  • Tools:
    • Time lapse measurement replay
    • Dispersion fingerprint
    • Instability index
    • Clarification
    • Phase separation
    • Sedimentation and creaming velocities
    • Particle density and size distribution
    • First derivative of integral transmission
    • Multi-wavelength extinction ratio (LUMiReader)
    • Multi-wavelength particle size analysis (LUMiReader)
  • Complies with 21 CFR Part 11