Important new paper by Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Jacob

Oil Separation of Lubricating Greases under Static Conditions : Analytical Photo-Centrifuge and DIN 51817

"Lubricating greases enclose oil in porous structures of aggregated thickener particles. Their tendency to separate oil under static conditions is evaluated according to DIN 51817 or DIN ISO 22285 in tests of up to 168 h with the mass fraction of separated oil as result. With an analytical photo-centrifuge, separated oil mass fractions can be tracked in real time in the instrument operating temperature range from 4–60 °C. Due to the higher mechanical load compared to standard tests, the grease samples separate more and faster oil, significantly speeding up the analysis process. Fitting the measured data from both methods with the function wO = wO,∞ exp(−t/tc), the parameters maximum oil separation wO,∞ and characteristic time tc are obtained as measures of oil separation extent and rate. Both parameters help to compare the two methods and to interpret the oil separation characteristics of greases. Using four commercial greases of NLGI classes 0–2, the analytical photo-centrifuge measuring method is presented in detail and its results are discussed in reference to those of standard DIN 51817."


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