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Ashland Introduces Technologies that 'Enable Better Paint Formulation Processes', May 26, 2016 

"Ashland is developing new tools to help manufacturers quantify coating additives performance, evaluate and improve ingredient choices, streamline production processes and formulations, and more efficiently develop new products for market. “We’re developing tools that produce objective, quantifiable results that take the subjectivity out of evaluating formulations,” said Prachur Bhargava, Ashland global marketing manager, Coating Specialties. 'Our new technologies are helping paint producers take validation to the next level; customers get consistent and quantifiable results so they can make more informed, fact-based decisions and choose raw materials with confidence.' ... Ashland uses the LumiSizer, a software-controlled optically assisted centrifuge, to accelerate stability assessment of emulsions, liquid-liquid and solid-liquid dispersion type foam control additives, and complex polymer-based formulations such as nonionic synthetic associative thickeners. This accelerated stability test accurately reflects and measures the long-term stability of the additives in a much shorter time frame. 'Results are reliable and consistent,”'said Bhargava. “The LumiSizer is a good predictive tool to determine long-term stability."

Zentrifugentechnologie erleichtert Prüfverfahren 16.04.2015


Unterschiede aufgedeckt: Neues Messprinzip zur Charakterisierung konzentrierter, transparenter oder opaker Dispersionen, 03.02.2015


Workshop-zur-Dispersionsanalyse-und-Materialtestung-in-Berlin 08.07.2014


Prof. Dr. Dietmar Lerche in BWA-Senat berufen
BWA online 13.11.2013


Hält die Beschichtung? Haftkräfte auf Kunststoffen online prüfen
k-zeitung 08.03.2013


Neuheiten vom Film bis zur Medizin - Innovationspreis Berlin-Brandenburg
QZ online 20.12.2012


Papier, Pickering-Emulsionen und Magnetit, 13.09.2011


Korngrößenanalyse: Partikelgrößenverteilung, 08.09.2011

Why Young International Graduates Work in Adlershof
Water and Wastewater, 06.01.2006


Dispersion and Particle Analysers with ultra-modern analytical centrifuges
LUM in strategic partnership with EPPENDORF, 18.10.2005


Dispersion and Particle Analysers with ultra-modern analytical centrifuges
Bulk-Online, 18.10.2005


LUM in Strategic Partnership with Eppendorf
Water and Wastewater, 17.10.2005


6th International Sales Meeting at LUM GmbH in Berlin, Germany
Bulk-Online, 20.04.2005


LUM: Tracing The Centrifugal Separation Of Fine-Particle Slurries
Water and Wastewater, 28.03.2005


LUM strengthens the distribution in the NAFTA region with its own US subsidiary
Bulk-Online, 11.01.2005


LUM strengthens the distribution in the NAFTA region with its own US subsidiary, 01/07/2005


Berliner Firma in den USA
BA Treptow, 05.01.2005


Messtechnik von LUM erobert amerikanischen Markt, 04.01.2005


Adlershofer Messtechnik erobert USA
BerliNews, 03.01.2005


Schaukeltest und Fingerprint
Innovative Messinstrumente zur Analyse der Stabilität
Adlershof Aktuell, Mai 2004


Der analytische Zeitraffer
Künstlicher Zerfall als Qualitätskontrolle / Homogenität als Qualitätskriterium /
Turboanalysator als Spitzenprodukt / Pollen als DNA-Isolator
Köpfe und Konzepte - IZBM, 14.05.2004

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