Are you looking for an interesting internship or a challenging application-oriented research subject for your bachelor or master thesis? Then you are welcome to contact us. We have cooperated successfully with students from different nationalities, i. e.:

USA  Spain   China   France   Portugal   Russia   Hungary   Poland   

We will be happy to find a topic with you that you will work on independently under our supervision. Subject areas are:

  • methodological work on the development of new measurement principles for the characterization of suspensions, emulsions and adhesives and coatings

  • solution of specific tasks in the development and testing of electronic and mechanical hardware and software

  • application of intensive research and marketing of innovative policy analysis technique

  • Follow in the footsteps of many successful students from Germany and abroad. After a successful working relationship we might offer you an interesting and challenging work in our ever-growing company.

    Short applications in which you present your area of ​​interest, skills and abilities, please contact: