The LUM GmbH is one of the leading producers for analytical devices
for dispersion analysis and particle characterization.

On the basis of longtime experiences in the field of fluid mechanics,
rheology and colloid chemistry the company, founded by Prof. Dr.
D. Lerche in 1994, has developed the innovative STEP-Technology®,
which is the technical platform for different product lines.

Or measuring equipment is used for the fast, reliable and comprehensive
characterization of any demixing phenomena 
in dispersions and the testing
of bonding and adhesive strength of composite materials.

The innovative devices are part of standard laboratory equipment
in leading international companies of chemical, food, cosmetics and
pharmaceutical industries.

Due to an effective network with national and international partners,
latest research results are transformed into the present products
and commercialized as new applications and devices. The portfolio
is contineously extended.

LUM GmbH offers a wide range of contract research and analysis
in the competence fields, too. The innovative strength of LUM
and its staff is documented in many applied and granted patents
as well as in reviewed international scientific publications.

The corporate headquarters of LUM GmbH are located in Berlin , Germany.
With offices and application laboratories in Paris, France, Shanghai, China and the
US subsidiary 
LUM Corporation, located in Boulder , Colorado (USA), LUM has a
global distribution network that is represented in 37 countries
by us directly or through competent partners .