Analytical instruments for measuring: separation and instability phenomena

i. e. sedimentation, flocculation, creaming, phase inversion, coalescence, Ostwald ripening

The whole sample

...instantaneously from top to bottom

Analytical instruments for measuring: Oil, gas oil & petrol

Crude oil dewatering, demulsifier selection, asphalthene stability.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Cosmetics, home & personal care

Direct accelerated stability tests of products. Particle properties of raw materials. Hair care, Sun care, Colour cosmetics, Cosmeceuticals.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Pharmaceutical products

Herbaceuticals, dermaceuticals, vaccines, bio pharmaceuticals, adjuvants, milling influence, dispersion stability, particle size distributions, emulsion stability, adjuvants, excipients. Human and animal health products.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Milk and dairy products

Direct real-time and accelerated stability tests of products. Particle properties of ingredients. Storage behaviour. Stability prediction.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Paints, lacquers, pigments and inks

Direct real-time and accelerated stability of undiluted products. Syneresis, Pigment segregation, freeze-thaw stability, size distribution, coating quality, coating adhesion and delamination.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Beverages, dressings & ketchup

Direct real-time and accelerated stability of undilute products. - Settling stability, beverage emulsions, droplet and particle density and size distributions, coalescence. Processing and filtration.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Ceramic materials

Sedimentation velocity. Clay characterization, syneresis, characterization of ceramic slurries, particle size distribution, green body homogeneity. Sediment concentration profiles.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Polymers & Latices, Sludges, Slurries

Direct accelerated stability tests. Evaluation of flocculation, coagulation and coalescence, flocculant selection, demulsifier selection, inclined settling, particle size distribution.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Lubricants and coolants

Direct real-time and accelerated emulsion stability, coalescence, emulsifier selection, lubricant aging, droplet size distribution. Processing and storage influence.

Analytical instruments for measuring: All kinds of coatings, Metallized polymers, Laminates

Determination of adhesive, cohesive & bonding strength of coatings, tensile, Pull-off, Shear & Fatigue testing.

Analytical instruments for measuring: Cyanoacrylates, epoxy adhesives, polyurethanes

Direct accelerated stability tests of formulations. Particle sizing. Testing of tensile strength of bonded joints & multilayer materials - Cyanoacrylates, Epoxy adhesives, Polyurethanes, Furniture, Foils, Films, Coatings.


International Workshop on Multidimensional Particle Characterisation on 27-29 Jan




International Workshop on Multidimensional Particle Characterisation on 27-29 Jan

Organised by CRC 1411 PP 2045 and LUM

From 27 to 29 January 2021, the Erlangen Collaborative Research Center 1411 on “Design of Particulate Products”, the Priority Programme 2045 “Highly specific and multidimensional fractionation of fine particle systems with technical relevance” and the LUM GmbH jointly organise an international workshop on multidimensional characterisation of particle systems. Experts from industrial and academic perspectives will review the status quo of multidimensional particle characterisation using state-of-the-art and newly developed methodologies. A special focus is laid upon the identification of key challenges and intersections of the different techniques. The latter is of particular importance, as particle systems of continuously increasing complexity require diverse and multi-instrumental approaches to tackle their multidimensional properties. The scientific exchange between the different experts in the field of particle characterisation will aim in this way for the identification of future prospects of particle characterisation. Overall, the workshop format will promote intense discussions and exchange between the participants and may thus become further the nucleus of future joint activities.

Don't miss the presentation given by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Lerche on January 29 from 3:15 - 3:45 pm (UTC + 1) on "Progress of analytical centrifugation: Multidimensional characterisation of nanoparticles".

Please download the full conference programme here.


Please note that participation at the workshop is free of charge but you need to join via ZOOM.

Follow this link to register for the workshop.

New press release: Ongoing good business in Brazil




New press release: Ongoing good business in Brazil

LUM digitally trains the global sales force for the future in 2021

We give a preview of the first virtual LUM Sales Meeting on January 21-22, 2021, review a successful 2020 despite Corona and announce the opening of a materials testing application lab of the Brazilian distributor AUTEC in Sao Paulo.

Read the full press release here.


Neue Pressemitteilung: Weiterhin gute Geschäfte auch am Zuckerhut

Neue Pressemitteilung: Weiterhin gute Geschäfte auch am Zuckerhut

LUM trainiert die weltweite Sales Force 2021 digital für die Zukunft

Wir geben eine Vorschau auf das erste virtuelle LUM Sales Meeting am 21. und 22. Januar 2021, lassen ein trotz Corona erfolgreiches Jahr 2020 Revue passieren und kündigen die Eröffnung eines Applikationslabors für Materialtestung des brasilianischen Distributors AUTEC in Sao Paulo an.

Hier können Sie die komplette Pressemitteilung lesen.


About LUM

LUM GmbH is a leading company in the following fields:

  • real-time & accelerated dispersion analysis
  • stability ranking & analysis
  • particle sizing & characterization
  • detection of destabilization phenomena
  • optimization of formulations & process control
  • materials testing
  • adhesion, cohesion & strength determination

Our LUM analysers are found in international chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and most other industrial branches.

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Our analysers conform to the international norms and guidelines:

ASTM D7827  DIN EN 14869-2  DIN EN 15870  ISO/TR 13097  ISO/TR 18811  ISO 13317  ISO 13318-2  ISO 18747-1  ISO 4624  JIS K 5600-5-7  DIN EN 13144  JIS Z 8823-1:2001